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We Love What We Do

MP is committed to making honestly good food + drinks that inspire creativity + to provide an experience that values relationships.

Our Story

Matthew Fuller had a dream for years to start his own business. What began as a desire to have more time with his family expanded into a business that empowers his employees to thrive and grow.  

In November 2012, he bought a coffee cart, leased a small space in the main lobby of the Waters Building in downtown Grand Rapids, MI, and called it Grace Coffee. Coffee sales took off, with even friends jumping in to help behind the counter or doing milk run errands to fill up his supply. 

In July 2013, Grace Coffee expanded and moved locations to Forest Hills, where we started selling food, created the menu, called it Grace Coffee Bistro, and hired our first staff team. Soon after, the team began to cater food all over town to an increasing number of customers. 

In August 2016, we rebranded to MudPenny. 

In December 2018, we moved to 570 Grandville Ave SW to open our first storefront location with a full coffee bar + two dining spaces.

And that takes us to where we are now — a crew of people creating delicious food + drinks for the city and falling more in love with our customers every day. So thank you. Thank you for being a part of our adventure. We're just getting started and it's an honor to have you by our side, sitting at our tables, and eating the food we're crafting just for you. 

Honestly Yours, 


The Name

In 17th and 18th Century England, coffee houses were called Penny Universities. They were a gathering place for people of all different classes and the only place in town where the rich and the poor could rub shoulders. With an entrance fee of just a penny, visitors gathered to listen to lectures on politics, religion, literature and hear news reports. And mud? Well that's slang for coffee — and we love coffee. Although we're more than a coffee shop, this history reflects our company's value for relationships and for providing service that shows value to every single person - no matter who they are. Everyone deserves honor and we consider it ours to be able to fill hearts and appetites all across Grand Rapids. 

Plant a Penny (1%)

Giving 1% to the Neighborhood

Plant a penny and watch it grow! We believe that any great idea or grand initiative begins with a small decision and requires community, investment, and time. At 570 Grandville Ave, we are excited to be a part of the Roosevelt Park neighborhood and to see it continue to prosper. Every quarter, we donate 1% of our sales (a penny per dollar) to neighborhood efforts and organizations. We are honored to invest financially in our neighborhood as well as partner with the existing impactful initiatives and projects in the area.