100% electric & emissions-free

Our Bellwether Roaster is a sleek 100% electric and zero-emissions roaster. It’s the perfect choice for our team. because we can move to higher quality, more complex tastes. We want to give our customers the very best that we can give - and we also have a lot of fun doing work ourselves and having control over the roasts. It gives us the creative control we like - so that as we hear feedback from our customers, we can adjust roasts just for them. To us, that’s the dream come true. On-site roasting means honestly good, fresh coffee because we roast in small 6 lb batches - none of the transit or long shelf sits - the coffee you sip in our shop was just roasted from green to perfection. It’s the lowest carbon footprint roaster ever made.

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honest cup

Our green coffee is responsibly sourced and has positive economic impact on the farming communities. All of our coffee has a unique story, whether from a co-op or a family run farm, and we have comprehensive information on how every coffee is farmed and produced. We roast in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. It’s coffee that we’re proud of.



We provide wholesale pricing for coffee & equipment. Ask us anything & we’ll get back with you.

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